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    Update july 2nd


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    Update july 2nd

    Post  TehAwesomeHappeh on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:23 pm

    June 30th Game Update - Summer's in Full Swing, Dungeon Fighters!
    Date: 6/29/2010 Views: 18056

    June 30th Game Update - Summer's in Full Swing, Dungeon Fighters!

    The Arad High Council offers you a run down of our latest update.

    Tower of Illusion

    You want Victory points. You don't want to enter the Arena. Well, the Tower of Illusion is the answer to your prayers. Arena-style action with the comforts of dungeon play. Spend a Dreyfus's Invitation and gain access to the Tower, where each successive floor pits you against increasingly more
    dangerous foes.

    Details about the Tower of Illusion:
    - The Tower of Illusion is located on the path to the left of Iris in the West Coast.
    - In order to enter the Tower, you will need 1 Dreyfus's Invitation.
    - Players will receive up to 5 Dreyfus's Invitations daily.
    - Players can carry a maximum of 5 Dreyfus's Invitations at any one time.
    - Your Dreyfus's Invitations will appear on the Quest tab in your Inventory Window.
    - Dreyfus's Invitations cannot be traded.
    - The Tower of Illusion consists of 25 floors, which must be cleared one by one and in order.
    - All consumables and clear cube skills can be used in the Tower of Illusion.
    - Life tokens are not usable in the Tower. If you die, you must start over at the beginning, spending another Dreyfus's Invitation.
    - The Tower can be entered by any character level 1 - 50.
    - Your stats and equipment power are adjusted based upon your level.
    - The difficulty of the Tower of Illusion varies based on the number of party members.
    - When you defeat enemies in the Tower of Illusion, you will receive Victory Points, which are necessary to complete Awakening quests.

    Streadolfitz Dread-Bringer Scott

    The new NPC that you voted on has now moved to Arad and he is at the ready with an Independence Day quest, the reward for which is a new title, Land of the Free. Check out the Independence Day Event post HERE for more details.

    Independence Day Events

    And, as mentioned above, we have a whole assortment of game events to celebrate Independence Day, including:

    - Life Token Festival Event - Burn through 100 Fatigue Points and get a Lucky Life Token.
    - Bonus EXP in Sky Tower and Behemoth - Play these dungeon areas to boost toward your goal.
    - Independence Day Celebration quests from Lorianne and Grubeck.

    For details on the Independence Day Events, click HERE.

    Other Update Changes

    - Removing Awakening Event
    - Removing Create a Female Gunner Event
    - Removing Opening Ceremonies Event
    - All Female Gunners level 30 or higher with receive a Lethe's Bell in their mailbox.

    - Arad High Council -

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