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    TeaTime official Event Thread



    What type of events should TeaTime have?

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    TeaTime official Event Thread

    Post  puddingchan on Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:43 pm

    These events are for the purpose of strengthening the bonds in our guild and of our guild. Please only vote 3 times. A MAXIMUM OF 3 TIMES!

    Our first event (which has been said many times) is:

    PvP Tournament- This is where we will have a private Guild Battle. No cubes,No drama, No Trolling. We will have a private room with the Password always being TeaTime. Time is not scheduled.

    Guild Recruiting Day- This is where we go around as an entire guild and go screaming "Recruiting for TeaTime Whisper Me" and many people will undoubtfully come joining. Everyone in our group of people will become Sr members if you arn't already.

    Guild Hell Mode Day - This is where I sacrifice all my time to go farming for Fire Demon Scrolls for everyone to go on a Hell Mode together. Donations are accepted.

    If an epic or pink drops, the epic goes to the class it is for. If there are more than 1 class then it should be rolled between them. If a broom drops and no one is a witch, it is rolled between all members. Same for lightsabre/blademaster. All pinks go toward the guild and 1/2 of the price it was sold for will go to the person. Please no cheating your guild.

    Guild Farming Day- This is where we go around and farm random dungeons. No worries about your level. The parties will be balanced out.

    Guild Create A Character Day- We will create brand new characters and level them as far as we possibly can or feel like doing. The groups will be divided accordingly to the amount of people.

    Guild Training Day- This is where higher level characters help other characters. Dont be afraid to ask people for help.

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